Sunday, September 16, 2012

Otis "TCB" Taylor Stole The White Mountain Boogie N' Blues Festival

Otis "TCB" Taylor at 2012 Boogie N' Blues Festival

The White Mountain Boogie N’ Blues Festival is always a good time.  It usually boasts top-notch blues lineups, pulling in fan festival followers from all around the country and Canada.  This year was no exception; however,   there was one act in particular that caught my eye more than the rest.

From the moment Otis “TCB” Taylor walked on stage, I sensed a change wash over the audience.  People were paying attention This marked his debut appearance in New Hampshire, and my first impression was quite clear:  The blues had arrived.

Unlike the other acts, his trance jam approach made him stand out.  He played with his band, layering and cultivating sound, as opposed to the standard 12 bar formula with a few showy solos.   I recalled Hendrix had that same mesmerizing approach.   Taylor’s music is more like an experience, rather than just another song checked off on a setlist.  In my opinion, he was worth the entire ticket price.

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