Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Joe Bonamassa - Boston Loves You!

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Over 3,000 Bonaholics packed the prestigious Wang Theater on Thursday, 11/3/11, to experience guitar titan Joe Bonamassa live and in the flesh.  Loyal fans proceeded to their seats in ceremonious fashion as if to receive a sacred gift.  This is by no means an exaggeration when I tell you that the feeling in that room was serious reverence for an unimaginable talent.  

Bonamassa and his first class touring band played a stunning 2 1/2 hour set bringing the full house to their feet for several standing ovations (I lost count after 4).  There were many excited fans shouting their approval throughout the evening, testimony that it was an emotional experience for all.  I had to remind myself to take a breath occasionally as my throat choked with amazement.  

Highlights from the show:

Bonamassa played an array of different guitars throughout the evening, and showcased his musical rhetoric with compelling solos.  Slow Train was perfection.  Dust Bowl was awesome!   If Heartaches Were Nickels was brilliant, raw, and had scorching vocals and pounding guitar.  Woke up Dreaming really displayed his acoustic genius.  Bird on a Wire was the encore song (I think Leonard Cohen would have been proud).  Him and his band were proving song after effortless song that true talent does indeed exist, and that newness can be found in the blues arena .  His precision and technique heavily influenced by the blues sets him apart from his contemporaries, and clearly by my own witness, I believe him to be one of the finest and possibly most important guitarists of our time.  

I have seen the light.  Having the opportunity to see him live cemented my admiration for him.  There is an old belief that true talent needs to be shared with the world because it is a gift, and with that comes responsibility.   Purpose.  Bonamassa is a prodigy, a blessing to us all, and (I can't resist), he very well may be on a mission from God.  

Hello, my name is Kelly, and I am a Bonaholic.  

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The band:
Joe Bonamassa - guitar & vocals
Carmine Rojas - bass player
Tal Bergman - drums
Rick Melick - Keyboards

Cradle Rock, When the Fire Hits the Sea, Midnight Blue, Slow Train, Dust Bowl, You Better Watch Yourself, Sloe Gin, The Ballad of John Henry, Lonesome Road Blues, Happier Times, Blue and Evil, If Heartaches Were Nickels, Young Man's Blues, Woke Up Dreaming, Mountain Time, Bird on a Wire, Just Got Paid, Dazed and Confused

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