Thursday, August 4, 2011

2011 Newport Folk Festival A-Z Extravaganza!

We had a lot of fun at the 2011 Newport Folk Festival!  Here is a quick A-Z list of some of the highlights!   Everyone should experience this festival at least once in their lifetime!

A: is for Amos Lee's amazing performance and Alex & Ani's keepsake charm.
B: is for bottled water!
C: is for the crazy crowd wogging with their picnics, blankets, and beach chairs to their spots like it was 5:00 am at Macy's on Black Friday.
D: is for David Wax Museum!
E: is for an AWESOME Elvis Costello performance - the crowd loved him!
F: is for the tasty falafel wraps!
G: is for great music!
H: is for Emmylou Harris's crystal clear voice.
I: is for incomparable acts.
J: is for Wanda Jackson!
K: is for Kelly lol (~.~)
L: is for the lines for water, porta pottys, and beer!
M: is for Mavis Staples!
N: is for Newport.
O: is for overpriced hotel rooms - do what we did and camp!
P: is for Porta Potty!
Q: is for the quintessential folk festival!
R: is for Rhode Island.
S: is for sunblock and straw hats.
T: is for tent!
U: is for under the beating sun.
V: is for the great vendors!
W: is for wet wipes.
X: is for xerothermic (ok so I looked that word up lol)
Y: is for yes I will be back next year!
Z: is for zig zags..... 

Check out the Newport Folk Festival website here

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