Saturday, January 22, 2011

Music Legend Johnny Winter Plays at Tupelo 1/21/11

Texas native Johnny Winter is revered as one of the finest and most prolific guitar slingers of his time, and finally on Friday night, I got to hear him play live for the first time at Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

Despite the winter snow storm that assaulted most of New Hampshire in the early part of the morning and afternoon, and dumped over half a foot of snow in most parts, it was as if divine intervention stepped in and cleared the way for Johnny.  By nightfall, the roads were again passable, which gave the green light for Winter's fans to pack into the sold out venue. Once the hats, mittens, and coats peeled off, the audience got snuggled in for a very special show.  

Johnny and his band entered the stage together, and Johnny took his throne with his Erlewine guitar at a chair placed in the center of the stage with a microphone adjusted to the sitting position.  After a brief warm up, the band went straight into Hideaway.    

Winter and his band played an amazing set from start to finish.  The music was jaw-dropping.  Winter's seemingly effortless talent, captivated the audience with his guitar playing.  This fair skinned guitar god paid homage to some of his classic riffs, bends, and slide sounds that has made him one of a kind.  What more would you expect from a man who has been playing for decades, and who even graced the stage at Woodstock in 1969?

The members of the band, all top-notch musicians in their own right, also blew the audience away with their talent.  Bass Player Scott Spray did an amazing job on his part in Boogie Real Low.  The multi-talented ball of energy drummer Vito Liuzzi played drums and sang lead vocals on the song Tore Down.  Paul Nelson's performance throughout the entire show was incredible, and the audience really loved his contribution in Tore Down - this compassionate guitarist is the perfect guy to play alongside Johnny.

Johnny and his band received several standing ovations throughout the night, and the audience enthusiasm was through the roof.  There were many excited fans cheering and singing throughout the show, and everyone sang along with him to Johnny Be Good.  

Johnny and his band seemed to be really in their zone, and their contagious positive energy spread throughout the room making for a truly magical experience.  

Johnny Winter and his band are invigoratingly fresh, enormously talented,  and provide an electrifying  world-class concert experience.  If you haven't already, go and experience them for yourself!

Here are a few blurry pictures I took from the show!

1. Hideaway
2. Sugar Coated Love
3. Boogie Real Low
4. Mabelline
5. School Girl
6. Blackjack
7. Tore Down
8. Mojo Boogie
9. Lone Wolf
10. Don't Take Advantage
11. Red House
12. Johnny Be Good
13. It's All Over Now
15. Highway 61

Suggested Listening:

His latest album I'm a Bluesman

His self-titled album Johnny Winter

The band:
Johnny Winter, Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals
Paul Nelson, Guitar
Scott Spray, Bass
Vito Liuzzi, Drums

Visit Johnny Winter's Official Website for all his latest music, news, and tour information.


  1. No he is just Irish (~.~) tee hee - yes he is albino

  2. So.....Johnny be good, eh?

    What a great venue!.....sure beats a stadium :)